Gonzalez Family | North Alabama Family Photographer

It’s almost October, which means a very busy season for me, football, apple cider, all things pumpkin spice (for those of you who enjoy that nonsense), and that crisp cool fall weather. Errrrrr, well not in Alabama anyway…

This precious family endured the sweltering “fall” weather and abnormally large mosquitoes we continually swatted off of us for pictures yesterday. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do for pictures, right? 😂

They drove a two hour (one way) trip just for pictures with a chance of rain lingering in the forecast. While we did feel several rain drops, the sun decided to show out for us right before ducking back behind clouds as we finished up and I couldn’t be more happy that we didn’t reschedule.

After you scroll through all these amazing images of the Gonzalez family, do me a favor and go follow her fitness page on instagram (here) and then check out her webpage (here). She’s got loads of info and workouts for anyone with any type equipment! She’s incredibly inspiring and uplifting and who doesn’t need more of that on their social media platforms!!

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