Jordan | Muscle Shoals Senior

Hello there! 

Meet my newest senior, Jordan. She attends Muscle Shoals High School were she plays basketball for the Trojans. How awesome is that she hasn't chosen which college to go to yet because she has multiple basketball scholarships to choose from? And can we just mention how stunningly gorgeous she is?!? 

We managed to fit in four outfit changes and four locations in just an hour and a half. This includes going to one location and realizing it was closed and having to go somewhere else. I'm pretty sure that sets a record of some sort. 

After loading these images for her sneak peek, I realized I didn't share one of her actually smiling. Ya'll I promise I got plenty of her smiling. I even went back and edited one just to add to this post!  For some reason I gravitated towards the serious ones.  🤷🏻‍♀️ 

I'm excited to share these, you guys were amazing to work with! 

Obligatory plug:  If you're a senior I'd love to work with you! You can contact me on here:

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