The glamorous life of modeling

When it rains it p̶o̶u̶r̶s̶ makes for beautiful images! Between the geese, their droppings in the park grass like mine bombs, and taking shelter in the parking deck waiting the rain out, Kathryn learned this modeling thing isn't as glamorous as TV makes it look. What we did though, is get creative, and it paid off. Because, this was the second session we have scheduled that the rain has set in and we weren't going to let it stop us this time. 

My favorite part of this whole session, is knowing that they knew I would make the best of the weather we were given. I love that in my clients! I'm so glad she had a great attitude and agree to meet me for her session even though a torrential downpour had just begun, and get in the water next to a dead fish (that I didn't know was there), and walk around barefoot in the park and downtown Florence.

These are all turning out so pretty and unique!  I cannot wait to work with her on a sunny day to get the images I had originally had in mind for her. But for now, because I know she is waiting to see something, a small sneak peek.