Sweet Baby "L"

This session was booked back in March and I have patiently awaited June just for it (and my birthday is this month; seriously guys, this is way more exciting). You may have seen this amazingly sweet couple on my website when Mom was still pregnant, and that session has been in my top favorites since; todays session just may beat it! I loved this family before Baby "L" came around and now there is even more to love about them! 

I apologize in advance for the overload of pictures that is about to happen. I can promise you don't want to miss them though! 

I love the fact as parents we have to help baby eat by going through the motions ourselves. Every parent has made this face a time or two!

I have cracked up at this pooch's expression all day! 

Thank you guys so much for allowing me into your home and for all your sweet praises. It's always so great working with you and I had so much fun hanging today! I hope you enjoyed your "sneak peek" aka mini gallery. Haha


** If you have thought about booking a session with me, please get to me as soon as possible. My Saturday's are reserved for weddings and other days are quickly filling up. Fall is right around the corner and those dates are slim and I would love to get you on the schedule!