Not your average family photographer....

My favorite thing to hear is, "Can you please take our family pictures just like you take your own." To me, it is so important to document everyday life. The little things that happen throughout the day that make your family - your family. 

I'm not your average family photographer. I don't like a series of sit and pose and smile at the camera shots. Not that there is anything wrong with pictures like that, and yes you will get a few in your gallery so you have them when I take your pictures. I want to come to your house, rather it be messy, clean, small, or large and I want to create art out of your everyday family memories. 

This momma, contacted me and asked to do just that, and I couldn't have been more excited!

A walk through neighborhood led us to this amazing empty lot, we hung out here for a while climbing on trees and playing around.

Some of my favorite shots are always people just hanging around their house. I love to be able to capture your life how I see it through my lens. Every family has beautiful moments daily no matter how mundane they seem

Thank you guys so much for asking me to document your family! I enjoyed spending the evening with you and hope you cherish these images


Katherine Rickard