Wow did it cool off fast. Bethany, her mom, and I froze our tails off for these beautiful shots but I believe they were so worth it. My senior season is coming to a close for the year, if you are a 2017 senior that still needs pictures done for invitations, I can get you scheduled in the spring and with enough time to order everything you need. Please get on the book as soon as possible as my schedule fills fast! 

Now onto Bethany's sneak peek!

Warren Family

I have to admit, the men of the family are rarely ever the ones to contact me to schedule pictures. Brad messaged me last week and I just so happen was able to squeeze them in before the holidays. We met at their house after school and who would have thought in the middle of a neighborhood we could find a spot so secluded with gorgeous light! I can't wait to do a lifestyle session with these guys in the future!

I hope you enjoy our sneak peek!

Grisham Family

This beautiful lady chose to spend her birthday with me updating her family pictures. I couldn't be more honored! I completely failed to tell her happy birthday today, complete fail as I had been reminding myself all day to tell her. 

So anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN! I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed your time with me having pictures made. You have a gorgeous family and even more kind hearted. 

Hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek.

Slusher + Hollingsworth

I am thrilled that Mrs. Slusher bought my gift certificate from The Healing Place auction some time back. It introduced to me to not only her and her husband but her beautiful daughter and  family. When she called me to book I instantly felt like we were a good client/photographer fit. I'm pretty sure I was right. 

You guys were awesome this evening; I'm thankful you put your certificate to good use. Mrs. Slusher, your family is absolutely wonderful and I hope to get to work with you guys again in the future. 

I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.


Kathryn - Take II

When it came time for this sweet girl to have her first round of senior pictures the bottom fell out and it rained so hard it was hard to see at times. We decided to risk it and still showed up for picture, luckily it stopped raining not long after our scheduled time. 

She had asked for us to do a fall session together as well and I was thrilled when the sun was out this evening! Here is your take two Kathryn; I'm in love with how they turned out!

Skipworth Family

Have I told you guys yet that I LOVE my job? Seriously, being asked to photograph your families is so special to me. I can't thank each of my clients enough for trusting me with your family memories. You guys rock! 

Meet the Skipworth's; a family so full of love and a ton of fun! I've known them for several years and had no clue they had an older son with a family of his own. I would definitely say Miss Darby is one loved and spoiled little girl! ;) Hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek! 

Bowen Family

Last time I took their family pictures the little guy was only two. He started kindergarten this year and big sis in in 5th grade. They were such troopers for handling the crazy Alabama fall weather, for it was only 90 something degrees that day. One of the reasons we had to take a break and go in to play a board game and cool off before continuing outdoor pictures. 

Thanks so much for asking me to do your family pictures again. I enjoy your family so much!

Mr R - 1 Year

Wow it's already been a year since I first met this little guy! 

I love getting to watch my baby plan babies grow. It really is one of the best parts of my job :) Mom loves horses and had a location in mind for Mr R's one year shoot. We went and it was absolutely gorgeous! Mr. R was loving it and was always on the go. Although he refused to stand and walk for me (crawling is so much faster) we did get him intrigued when mom brought up her childhood horse for a picture. 

Neal + Fur Babies

To say I was nervous when Rachel messaged me to do their pictures is an understatement. Photographing another photographer's family is a big job! Adam and Rachel have a pretty amazing relationship though and are some of the sweetest most laid back people I've met, this definitely helped ease the jitters I had. The cute fur babies helped too. 

If anyone hasn't seen Rachel's photography work, you should make sure you go here and check it out (of course after you take a glance at their stunning session) :) 

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek - I couldn't just put a few up and your final gallery will probably be HUGE! Sorry - not sorry, haha

Ewing Family

My beautiful cousin and her family came up to visit this past weekend and we managed to squeeze in a small session for them. Their kids are filled with so much personality, the session was never boring. And even though they claimed to be "awkward" (which they totally weren't) I think their images turned out amazing! 

I hope you guys enjoyed your visit with us as much as we did. I should have your gallery out to you within the next couple of days :)

Beep beep


So yeah, I'm a little behind on posting sneak peeks, and you just may get your gallery link soon after this post. But hey, it's better to get behind on just the sneak peeks than the whole gallery, right? 

This session makes me want to do a small sunset sessions with some girls. Although the light disappeared quickly on us we took full advantage of it. <3 <3 <3 I love how these turned out. Katherine, you are beautiful inside and out and I had so much fun working with you! Don't you guys think she favors Jennifer Garner!?!

Hope you enjoy!!

Hello teenage years

Wow...seriously has three years since I met this sweet girl! I cannot believe she is already thirteen. She is as beautiful inside as she is out. 

I did a small session for her sister when she turned thirteen so it was only necessary to do one for her as well. Although I know she would much rather be reading a book than out taking pictures, she makes one awesome subject!

Thanks "J"! Hope you like them

Baby "N"

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a red head! Mr. N is absolutely adorable and was in an incredibly good mood. I'm thrilled that his parents drove from Athens to meet with me yesterday. 

Although Dad wasn't prepared for pictures, I talked him into getting into a few and I just love the connection in them.

Baby "N" is a natural model! Hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek! 

The glamorous life of modeling

When it rains it p̶o̶u̶r̶s̶ makes for beautiful images! Between the geese, their droppings in the park grass like mine bombs, and taking shelter in the parking deck waiting the rain out, Kathryn learned this modeling thing isn't as glamorous as TV makes it look. What we did though, is get creative, and it paid off. Because, this was the second session we have scheduled that the rain has set in and we weren't going to let it stop us this time. 

My favorite part of this whole session, is knowing that they knew I would make the best of the weather we were given. I love that in my clients! I'm so glad she had a great attitude and agree to meet me for her session even though a torrential downpour had just begun, and get in the water next to a dead fish (that I didn't know was there), and walk around barefoot in the park and downtown Florence.

These are all turning out so pretty and unique!  I cannot wait to work with her on a sunny day to get the images I had originally had in mind for her. But for now, because I know she is waiting to see something, a small sneak peek.